Music Teachers

Anna Reinersman Harp
Anna has been a professional harpist in New York City and London, as well as a professional music director and producer. As a harpist, she holds a Masters Degree in Orchestral Performance from the Manhattan School of Music. Her career has included performances and tours with the Metropolitan Opera, the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, studio recording work in New York, and several Broadway shows, including “The Producers” for which she was the harpist for the entire 6-year run. Here in Sweden, Anna recently performed at the final concert of the European Choir Games with the Gothenburg Symphony.  As a music director, she has conducted many shows for the Scarsdale Summer Music Theatre and Boston Children’s Theatre. Her work as a producer includes shows for NYMF (New York Musicals Festival) and at Yale University, where she was an undergraduate.
Anna is a native English speaker and can also teach in Spanish or Italian. She speaks basic German and is learning Swedish. Having started her own music career as a harpist aged 6, Anna is driven to share her love of music with young people. An experienced teacher, Anna is looking forward to building a harp studio at ESG!

Isak Ahlman Drums
Isak is an educated music pedagog with a focus on drums. He started drumming at the age of 8 and studied at the Musikhögskolan in Örebro. He did his Master in music pedagogik in 2015. Isak started to teach drums during his university days and worked for different schools and kulturskolan for several years as a drum teacher. Apart from teaching he has been drumming in different orchestras and bands with different genres and continues playing in different bands also today. Isak prefers to teach in Swedish, but he can teach in English as well.

Liam Redmond Violin, Intro to Music (plus piano)
Liam Redmond has took his Master degree at the Royal Northern College of Music a few years ago and has a broad experience in teaching in violin, viola and piano in a number of prestigious music centres in Scotland and the North of England, as well as teaching private pupils and freelancing with the professional orchestras in both areas.  Alongside instrumental teaching, Liam was the conductor and orchestral coach in a number of these centres and prepared the children for their regular orchestral performances.  Liam is fluent in English and Scottish Gaelic, has basic French and German and is learning Swedish.

Joan Peiró Aznar Guitar, Intro to Music (plus Percussion, Piano, Recorder)
For many years, my guitar has accompanied my life. I want to understand music through my feelings and to understand my feelings through music. To this end, I have traveled, studied and met wonderful people around the world who devote their lives to music. To them I am thankful, for the smiles and the disappointments, for the courage and love, but mostly for the knowledge they share.  I strive to share this understanding and appreciation with my students.
Driven by the current of my curiosity for music, I played in schools, on stage, in teachers’ houses and on the street. I explored cities like Palma de Mallorca, Weimar, Istanbul and Nairobi, until I ended up in Göteborg, where I heard a polska for the first time. My music has been shaped by the rhythm of gypsy guitarists like Angelo Debarre and flamenco guitarists like Tomatito, the melodies of classical composers such as Debussy, J.S. Bach and Manuel de Falla and the harmonies of Jim Hall and Bill Evans. I like to understand music beyond the borders of the styles. My current work is to explore the possibilities of Catalan and Valencian traditional music.
I believe that music is a link between cultures, and at the same time the most exciting and wonderful way to understand our differences. Music for peace and generosity, music to keep on imagining wildly beyond the borders of our circumstances.

Gabriel Sales Garcia Piano, Intro to Music (plus Bassoon)
Professional bassoon player who just completed the master in orchestral performance at the University of Gothenburg, with the soloist from Stockholm’s Opera Anders Engström as bassoon teacher. Originally from Valencia (Spain), he grew in the musical environment of amateur wind instrument bands which have a great level and tradition in the Valencian Country. He studied his bachelor in Barcelona with Salvador Sanchís Durà as bassoon teacher, soloist at “Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana”. He combines his passions for orchestra playing and chamber music, having collaborated with a lot of orchestras and ensembles and founding the chamber music group “Västkusttrio”. He also has a great interest in musical education having taken courses in “Instrument Didactics”, “Music, rhythm and movement” and “Basic conducting techniques”; specially focused in new pedagogical methods, the use of technology in the classroom and group teaching. He has taken part of several masterclasses and courses with top class performers.