Health Plan

All children in the Infant Class are invited to a medical visit together with the parents to see the School doctor and the nurse.

After this first visit the School nurse will see all pupils in Year 2,4,6 and 8 individually and there will also be a last visit in Year 9.

In between there will off course be visits if needed. At theese occasions the school nurse will weigh and mesure the pupils and there will also be a talk about health. Before the visit for Year 4 and 8 the pupil and the parent will fill in a health form with questions. According to the new directions from Socialstyrelsen the School nurse should also collect information from the teacher concerning how the pupil learn, how the pupil is relating to other pupils and how the pupil seems to be doing physically and psychologically. When needed the pupil will also meet with the School doctor. The information that the school nurse have about the pupils is strictly confidential and is under the same laws as any other health care.


Vaccination is given in Year 4 against diphteria, tetanus, whopping-cough and polio. In Year 6 it is given against measles, mumps and german measles according to the Swedish vaccination program. Some changes can occur depending on where the pupil come from. The vaccination programs can vary from country to country.