Music Lesson FAQ

We are delighted to offer the music program again this term. The program is run by PTA parent volunteers, so in an effort to cut down on work, please see this list of frequently asked questions before you reach out to anyone for their help
    1. How do I enroll my child? I already signed up in the pre-enrollment form in the early summer. Do I still need to enroll now? YES! That was for lesson and resource planning. Please submit the online Music Lesson Enrollment Form:
    2. When will my child have their lesson? The PTA Music Team will put together an optimized schedule. You will receive an email confirmation, the classes start week 8, 17 February. The schedule is a bit different than last term since we have room availability restrictions which mean that we need to start later and some rooms are not available at all.  We will do our best to accommodate as many children as possible, but things might change from last term and we appreciate your support and timely enrollment to ensure we can do our best to help you.
    3. When/how do I need to pay? Once you receive your lesson confirmation, make sure you pay the PTA for the lessons and applicable instrument rental fee (if guitar or violin rental is needed) within three days and at least before your child’s first lesson. You can pay by transfer to the Bankgiro (no Swish). Please write the student’s name and the instrument class when paying. Thanks! One transfer per student per course. PTA BankGiro 223-4193
    4. Do you want to rent a violin or a guitar? You can leave us the details in the online enrolment form. You can think of: if you are left or right handed, your prefered instrument size or even instrument number and if you will be present during the first lesson. The instruments will be handed out by the music teacher during the first lesson. What about a harp? We have one harp to train on which stays at the school, and those students who don’t have a harp of their own or a rental can borrow it on a rota. The harp teacher can advise you on how to rent a harp or buy one for your child, if you’re interested.
    5. How will the children find their lessons? The Music Team will arrange green vests for the children up to Y3 and put schedules on display in the main hallway and the Bamba. You need to train your child – especially in the first 2 weeks – and continue to remind your child to go to their lesson. We appreciate all parents helping the music students finding their way to their lesson rooms in time. Especially during the beginning of the term.
    6. What do I do if my child is absent? In case your child cannot attend a lesson, make sure to inform the instrument teacher in good time by WhatsApp or Email. This is also fair to those who help guide children to their lessons.
    7. What if the teacher cancels? Make up lessons at the end of the term are offered, for the lessons that the teacher could not attend. The teacher will inform you via What’sApp.
    8. What if I have a question about the lessons? We like to receive your feedback on the program overall, however parents will need to contact the teacher themselves directly during the course.
    9. Who runs this program? The ESG PTA is responsible for the Music Program, not the school. Therefore, there are no employees, just parent volunteers managing it- please keep that in mind, and lend a hand whenever possible so that it can continue!
    10. Registrations are binding and cancellation can only be made one day after a trial lesson.If you must make changes to your child’s registration more than 3 days after registration confirmation has been sent out, there will be an administrative charge of 200 Kr.