Music Lesson Schedule & Enrolment


Week 35-36, 24 August to 6 September, Enrolment Open
Enrolment opens online, via link –  We encourage you to sign up ASAP so we can start scheduling! Registration closes on 7 September.

Week 8, 14-18 September, Lessons start
This is the first lesson week of the term. Due to corona restructions, there will be limited assistance on site. Parents need to explain the location of the lesson rooms to their children beforehand (room locations will be listed on the enrollment confirmation letters) and learn them to be as independent as possible. Green vests with the starting times can be found in and returned to the Bamba. Color coded posters with the schedule will be up. The Foundation students (Infants) can find their personal vests in their usual cloakroom.

Regular music lessons will run from Week 38 to Week 50 (14 September-11 December). Lessons take place on regular school days only. No lessons during holidays or school breaks. In case the teacher has to reschedule due to illness or other reasons, make-up lessons will be offered on Week 51 (14-18 December) or in early January 2021 if needed. Restrictions in room availability at the school will also affect the course offering this term, and we thank you for your support!