Music Lesson Description

INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC Reception Foundation – Infants
Introduction to Music aims to teach young children (5-6 year olds – Reception and Foundation) basic music concepts as foundational knowledge for playing various musical instruments in the future. They get insight into different sounds, tones, counting and musical techniques. Students are taught basic rhythms (like 4/4 and 3/4), the names of notes and pitch recognition (e.g. high and low notes). Music appreciation is also encouraged through listening exercises with different music genres. Teaching is done using different activities and games, based on an initial evaluation of the students’ ability. They sing, dance, and play percussion instruments, possibly experimenting with other instruments, depending on class progress.  Student groups consist of 4 children per teacher and are grouped according to age and ability, when possible. There are 12 lessons per term, 30 minutes per lesson.

DRUM Infants-Year 9
We learn different drum orchestration and will proceed to simple grooves on a small drum set. We’ll proceed with more grooves (16th notes, bass drum patterns) and vary with more items at the drum set.  Advanced drumming will also add a combination of grooves, fills and helpers like click and beat-box.
Drum groups are only offered as mini-groups with 2 children and only recommended up to Year 1. Older children should take individual lessons.
For the Drum classes we use the equipment available at the school, this can be the snare drum or practice pad for rudimentary exercises and sticking, but also the complete drum set for learning different beats. Beginners need to bring their own drumsticks, and advanced students should have access to a real drum set to practice on at home, our drum teacher can help with the selection and ordering.

PIANO Year 1 – Year 9 (Foundation with ITM)
We learn the instrument, body position and start with simple melodies first on the right hand, then on the left hand, then both hands together. We start learning to read notation and proceed with more melodies. Next step is to learn chords and melodies with chords. Piano classes are limited to a maximum of 2 students per class. It is recommended that students start at Year 1, but Foundation students who have taken the Introduction to Music course may be accepted on an individual basis, to be decided by the teacher. Advanced students will be taught according to interests and abilities. For the piano classes we use the e-piano and the keyboards available at the school, students should have some kind of keyboard or piano at home for practice. In some cases it might be possible to borrow a keyboard from the PTA with a deposit.

VIOLIN Year 1 – Year 9 (Foundation with ITM)
Beginners start with a mini-group lesson (2 students).  We learn about our instrument, how to take care of it and how to hold it. The student learns to play both with pizzicato (snap the strings) and arco (using the bow). Eventually we start using tabulature. It is a kind of symbolic writing that tells the name of the string and which finger to put down, for example D2 or A3. This makes it possible to play ”real songs” and even use music as an accompaniment. Depending on the age and maturity of the students, we start to learn simple note reading. It is recommended that students start at Year 1, but Foundation students who have taken the Introduction to Music course may be accepted on an individual basis, to be decided by the teacher. For violin classes each student needs to bring their own instrument. The ESG PTA has some violins to rent out (300 Kr/term).  Instrument rental is available on a first come, first served basis.

GUITAR Year 2 – Year 9
We learn about our instruments, how to hold them and how to make different tones with them. We start with a few simple chords and simple songs. We learn chord notation and the rhythm techniques. We learn how to find the notes and the chords on the guitar and how to tune it. Throughout the course more chords and more songs will be added and later we touch a little on more advanced techniques like finger style.  We have full-size guitars which are suitable for children from roughly age 12 (140 cm tall) and ¾ guitars which are suitable for younger and/or smaller children which the student needs to bring to the lessons. We have some guitars to rent out for 200 Kr/term, so check the box for instrument rental preferred and then send an email to if you are interested in renting one. Instrument rental is available on a first come, first served basis.

HARP Year 1-Year 9
In the introduction to harp class, children will be learning the parts of the Harp and how to Tune the Harp, have a brief introduction to or review of Reading Music (if necessary).  Anna will also be teaching them  Proper Hand technique and placement; as well as Proper body Position at the Harp.  They will learn Basic scales and arpeggios, solos and duets.  Another important focus will be on learning proper care of the Harp and how to replace strings.  More advanced students will have personally tailored lesson plans.

The music production and DJ skills lessons give students an opportunity to make their own music using computer software (Ableton) with the option of adding singing or rapping. Song structure, basic music theory and lyric writing are included. Using a midi keyboard the students will play all the parts of their song into the computer and record sounds from the instruments available in the music room to add a live feel.
DJ skills (scratching) are taught using my portable turntable and real vinyl records, a cool and fun addition to the final song. All genres of music can be accommodated. I can also help with releasing the finished music on SoundCloud or Spotify and the final track will be emailed to the student as an mp3 to play to their friends and family.