Music Lesson Charges

PTA Music Program fee – Spring Term 2021

We are delighted to have your child in the music program this term. The program is run by PTA parent volunteers, so please do your share by reading carefully. You have filled out the online Music Lesson Enrollment Form.

Once you receive your lesson confirmation email, make sure you pay the PTA for the lessons and applicable instrument rental fee (if guitar or violin rental is needed) within three days and at least before your child’s first lesson. Thank you!

Description                  Amount per student
Per term, 12 Lessons, 30 minutes each.


Individual         Duo (2 students)       Group (3 or more students)
3150 kr              1725 kr                         1200 kr

Instrument Rental: Guitar and Violin
Guitar = 200 kr
Violin  = 300 kr

You can pay by transfer to the Bankgiro (no Swish). Please write the student’s name and the instrument class when paying. Thanks!
One transfer per student per course.
PTA BankGiro 223-4193

If you must make changes to your child’s registration more than 3 days after registration confirmation has been sent out, there will be an administrative charge of 200 Kr.


Please note that we have a separate PTA Music email address, do NOT email the school for issues related to music, they cannot help you!